Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Style Icon: Dame Margot Fonteyn as Ondine

In 1958, Sir Frederick Ashton choreographed the ballet Ondine, for the prima ballerina assoluta, Margot Fonteyn. The ballet tells the love story of a water sprite named Ondine and the mortal Palemon. Ondine is of course played by Margot Fonteyn. In fact, Ashton choreographed the ballet to showcase her talent. As Fonteyn portrays a sprite, her costume was a sheer, draped dress that allowed for lots of movement to complement her fluidity throughout the dance. She also kept her hair down which allowed for hairography, choreography or acknowledgement of hair movement in a dance. Since the dance for the most part takes place in the sea, the choreography really emphasised continuous movement of the water. Ultimately Fonteyn's look was about movement--fluid, poetic movement. I find this look timeless because it is the epitome of free, feminine beauty and classic soft romanticism. This look looks great in the season's jewel tones.

This slightly crinckled texture definately resmbles the briney rippling of the ocean. Foley + Corinna- $280

Backless dresses give off such a delicate ballerina feel. The fluid ruffled silk is so ethereal one cannot help but embody the sea! Aaron Ashe Nolita Dress-$153

Have you ever seen an article of clothing that is utterly covetable but ultimately too out there to ever wear in everyday life? Did you buy it? If not this is a nice compromise. A VERY nice compromise. Wear it under your most conservative outfit. Free People New Wings Footless Tights- $32


  1. That dress is unbelievably stunning.

    La C.

  2. wow those turquoise-green dresses are beautiful! Love it :-)

  3. the second backless dress is unreal. i love it.


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