Saturday, April 4, 2009

...Baby One More Time

The year was 1999 when I figured out that if I gathered my shirt in front of my stomach, twisted it, then tucked it into the neckline, I could have a makeshift halfshirt behind my mother's back. How innovative! Well... sort of. Back then I longed with such intensity for what I and my friends called "bellyshirts". It was the ultimate symbol of sexiness, maturity, and being a teenager. I had to have one. Alas, I was seven, not 17 and I would only end up looking like the littlest prostitute which my mother would not have. Fast forward ten years and a lot has happened. The Prima Donna of "bellyshirts", Britney Spears has gone from the top of the stardom mountain to the bottom of the rehab sea and back. Midriff bearing has been banned in nearly every secondary school in the country. And I have grown up without ever looking back at the once coveted article of clothing that remained locked in my childhood dreams. At least until now. I suppose I saw it coming sophomore year when my friend Mira wore a vintage halfshirt to school over another top, after that the now sorely missed nostalgia came flooding back. By last week I was seeing them everywhere. I even read an excellent article about them in this month's Nylon. I think the time has come to give the seven year old inside me what she wants. Here's my summer half shirt shopping wishlist:

The cropped halter is a classic. I would wear it with a structured high waist skirt of even a low slung circle skirt. Interlock Halter Top- $8

This shirt goes so well over structured high waisted skirts. It's loose which makes the silhouette so interesting. Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Scrimmage Shirt- $16

This is so easy and light. I love the cut and the pattern isn't bad either. Seneca Rising Layered Cami- $92

Shop Your Own Closet: When I brought home my Oberlin t-shirt I had no idea what to do with it. Oberlin is my first choice school for their conservatory and I am dying to wear their shirt everywhere. Then it hit me: it would make the best halfshirt ever! To make one simply make a horizontal cut about an inch or two below the bust and viola!


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