Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be Friendly to the Eco

Last spring, I purchased an organic cotton dress from h&m. Oh man is it comfortable. Stylish too. Ever since, I have been hooked. The benefit of using organic materials is that they are naturally grown without pesticides. For example, organic cotton plantations do not spray pesticides on their plants. Now, while pesticides can kill bugs, they are ultimately harmful to the envoirnment as a whole because they can also harm worms who create soil and other animals. Pesticides can also seep through the soil down into groundwater supplies which can later be consumed by us. (mmm...beetle poison) Organic materials are probably the easiest way to go green with your wardrobe right now because it seems to be the fashion world's green method of choice. Here are some of my favorite Eco-Friendly designer's and my favorite pieces from their respective lines:
I love ruffles and always will. Go Green Go by Phillip Lim Multi Panel Deep Fold Skirt- $295

I love the spiral stitch detail, it draws the eye around the body in a really hypnotic way. Brook There Organic Cotton Spiral Dress-$130

No pesticides here! This dress is dyed with organic dyes and made with organic cotton. The cut is flattering on anyone and can be dressed up or down. I love the print too. Jesse Kamm Poppy Tunic with Aubergines Tortoise Shell Print- $425

The color of this dress just makes me smile. It's the perfect staple piece. Loomstate Union Tie Dress-$142

Trend most likely to save the world: Sheer neutrals. Theory for Barneys Green Boatneck Dress-$335.00


  1. Organic certainly tastes better, makes sense that it feels better. I've been moderately obsessed with the 'natural' colorway as of late...

    ps. did you go bowling when you were at Oberlin?

  2. i love organic cotton as well, but most of the time its dead expensive.
    someone should start a campaign to get us cheaper organic stuff :)
    x x x x x

  3. Great post. I love the Philip Lim skirt (:


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