Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Live From My Bed it's Wednesday Morning!

Now that I've gotten my annual spring cold. I can finally stay home and relax from all that school slyly slips into my bag and writes in my planner. This also gives me time at long last time to devote to Nouvoletta. Oh how I missed her and all of you guys!

The saying goes that you look as good as you feel. Recently a friend told me that statistics show that it's the other way around. I'm not sure what statistics these are but I can definately attest to their truth. So, in order to speed my recovery I have decided to look into some under-the-weather fashion:

Old Navy Boyfriend Cardigan- $29.50, Simone Perele Stilletto Demi Cup Bra-$99, UO Opaque Tights - $12, Aerie Polka dot Boyfriend boxer- $15.50, Modcloth Old and New Pocketwatch Necklace- $27.99

There's something very spoil yourself in a sheer, airy lace bra. This one's a fabulous demi cup version which is delicate and classic. Tights under boxers have been my freezing dorm staple.

Aerie Summer Cardigan- $34.50, Aerie Colorblock Nightie- $19.95, Juicy Couture Behave Glasses- $130.95, Aerie Ikat Print Scarf- $19.50, Aerie Ruffleback Tie Dye Lowkini, L'artiste Feminin Notebook- $3.99

This outfit matches my bedroom completely. Pink and Green can brighten your mood no matter what. Next to the cardigan, scarfs are totally an essential. Your neck can get cold, and when it does it's not comfortable. When I'm sick I also tend to not wear contacts. For some reason, people equate glasses with intelligence. They always make me feel like I should be doing something at least!


  1. these looks look so cozy. I adore that lacy bra! Hope you feel better, my dear :-)

  2. This is so cute! =] I wore a similar outfit to the first one lounging around the house the other day except I wore thigh highs =]

    La C.


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