Friday, June 19, 2009

17 Is Sweet Too


Clockwise from top left: Miss Selfridge Bracelet-$8.17, F21 Floral Headband- $4.80, Anna Sui Cotton Jaquard Dress-$282, PurePearls Freshwater Pearl Necklace-$184, Marc by Marc Cutout Flats-$323.53, Modcloth Vanity Fair Ring-$13

Tomorrow is my 17th birthday. Since I'm away I cannot celebrate it with close family and friends. However, I can plan for when I get back! What I would absolutely adore is to have a tea party or garden party. I would wear white to represent the commencement of a new year of my life. It will also be the last year of my youth so I must savor every second of it. Youth is a very powerful, meaningful, and beautiful time in everyone's life. It should be greatly appreciated, always celebrated, and dearly cherished.

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  1. Well happy belated birthday! Sigh...17 trust me, you have a few years left of youth...but it is refreshing to hear a youngster with a good perspective on growing up. Don't be in a hurry to get old!


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