Friday, June 12, 2009

Carried Away

My school's commencement was on Wednesday. I am now technically a senior. I want to start this off right so I must become organized. This means, I must re-examine my carry-all. I can almost always be seen carrying my huge satin tote (which my friend Greg calls a's entirely too big to be a purse) everywhere from school-to the mall. On days when I must carry more than usual, I revert to my extra-large sized LL Bean Boat and Tote. Inside both of these magnificent bags is a world of chaos. See, I tend to throw everything inside and then spend a good minute or five trying to fish out what I need. Sometimes things actually get damaged inside the bag when I put them in there to be protected! Thus, change is necessary. Here's how:

It is a little sad how much difference this would make. Perhaps it could keep my ipod from ending up scratched and my pencils from breaking. Plus, it's got roosters on it! One miracle at a time please. Rooster Zippy Pouch-$12

Loop wallets were made for me. Seriously, I'm not old enough to have a credit card without my parents signing on so I pay for everything in cash. Needless to say I accumulate a lot of change. My current wallet is by Loop and it contains an all too convenient change purse to keep coins from spending eternity at the bottom of my bag. Once that wallet dies, I'll by this one. Loop coin purse-$28

Baggu Bags are quite possibly some of the coolest reusable bags around. They come in practically every color and hold A LOT. They also fold to fit nicely into individual flat 5"x5" pouches. I try to use reusable bags whenever I go shopping for anything but I often forget. These don't take up too much space so I can always have them on hand. Baggu reusable shopping bags-$8 ea. (see web for discounts)
Anya Hindmarch bags are so adorable. They're perfect for weekend morning errands with charming prints of "Dairy", "Dry Cleaning", and "Meat and Poultry". Anya Hindmarch Canvas tote-$98

I love the coloring of this bag. It's perfect for school or the weekend and could go with almost any casual outfit. Stella McCartney Cloud Print Shopper-$185

This bag is like having your own portable piece of artwork. I would probably just stare at it all day or hang it up in my locker for decoration. Anyway, I could definitely see this going smoothly from morning classes to after-school linner*. Anthropologie The Artist's Tote-$68

One more thing: I will be leaving for a summer program so this is the last live post until July. (There are several scheduled posts however) So, until then happy summer and begin the next chapter of your life. (mine= senior year!)

*Linner: an early dinner/late lunch, like brunch only inbetween lunch and dinner.


  1. i love the little pouch! great blog banner, btw! =)

  2. I always have little pouches within my purse to organize everything; it makes finding this so much easier :)

    La C.


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