Friday, July 3, 2009

Homecoming a.k.a. Let Me at that Pool

I want to go home and get in my pool

Clockwise from top left: Shay Todd Handkerchief cutout swimsuit-$230, Zimmermann cutout neck bikini-$240, Topshop Satchel-$100, Hudson Gabby Cuffed Skinny Jeans-$198, Shay Todd Contrast Two Piece Bikini-$210, Current/Elliot Boyfriend Short-$187, Piperlime Sandals-$109

Right about now I am on a Maryland Highway ready to get home and spend the next week or two in my swimsuit and spending every waking moment with friends, family and especially my friend J.J. who will be coming in from Jersey for a program at UArts. I can't wait! Oooh I can just taste the water ice...
Anywho, I put together this little spread of some summer morning staples that go very nicely with my backyard and possibly the inside of a water fountain. The ruffles are...try and flamenco. Plus the Shay Todd bikini top would make a great halfshirt. I'd wear it with the Hudson Skinny Jeans which have a 27 1/2 inch inseam so they don't awkwardly puddle at your ankles. they would also be paired with flat shoes in a very Hepburn-esque way. I picked a very violet and blue color scheme because it's not too abrasive and reminds me of every soft summer night I spent running out of the woods with my face painted with squashed firefly. This, is a true midsummer night's dream.

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