Thursday, January 29, 2009

Novoletta meet your Lightdress

I am so happy that over the last few years, the shift dress has made a comeback. This one has such wonderful frothy detailing that at the same time has precise and modern line. A perfect combination of stately and frivolous. See by Chloe Tennis $495

I've never liked the combination of nude and white until now. There is indeed a certain neutrality and personable nature to a dress when it has such a frivolous and frothy skirt. The band just anchors it but keeps it buoyant. Pencey Ruffle Dress- -$398

The front of this dress is kind of plain but I just adore the back. It comes in other colors but I would hate for the applique to fade and not match the rest of the dress, that was last summer's horror story. Kimchi Blue Lace Applique Back Dress-Urban Outfitters $48

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