Sunday, February 1, 2009

These Times They Are A Changin'

Oh Fendi, I do love your Spring/Summer Ready to Wear. After finishing my math midterm last week I immediately took out Febuary's Harper's Bazzaar and right in the "What's in, What's Out" section was a picture of Natasha Poly and Anna Selezneva in gorgeous eyelet dresses. However, this was no normal eyelet, my darlings. This was an wonderful exaggerated eyelet with large geometric cutouts. It definately summed up the message of this season's look: Dramatic Change. 2009's spring fashion is turning long standing rules on their heads. Models are swathed in stately jewel tones and caged in dewy pastels. The babydoll and trapeze summer staples of yesteryear are replaced by structured cinched waists. This year has structure all right, this year has a plan. Let's get to work lovelies!

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  1. I am an anomanomanys poster, not really. I just want those skirts-becca


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