Friday, February 27, 2009

She's Ready to Accessorize

My wardrobe is getting a bit drab. And while I continue to discover amazing blasts from the past (inpecably shaped velvet blazer, too cute beret, shortened broomstick skirts), I still fall into a style rut. So, I have decided to start adding more accessories. Here's some of my favorites:

KNOCKOUT! I love the pattern and the leather is beautiful. While I normally don't wear leather (save for my favorite boots) this is technically recycling. Vintage Sienna Leather Shoulder Bag- $68

True Story: My friend wore these to school one day and a middle school girl comes up to her and says in a grave voice, "OMG you have so many tatoos!" I guess they do look pretty realistic. For the ones who are hardcore but are home by 11:00: Diamond Brocade Footless Tights -$38

This necklace carries perfume! Plus it's beautiful! I like my accessories pretty and quirky. Necklace - $28

When I was 7 I got mugged by a peacock. Seriously. This should let them know I'm cool next time: Proud Peacock Bracelet - $24


  1. those tattoo tights are actually super cute. I'm pretty sure my friend has a pair and she looks great in them! I don't know if I would have the guts to pull them off but maybe sometime!

  2. those things are all amazing dear. nice blog anyway.

    xo :)

  3. thanks for the comment, dear :D

    i love love love that perfume pendant!


  4. Ok, I want that bag. I need it. -Beca


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