Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to Basics

I am in serious need of new basics. I don't know how I got into this situation but suddenly my wardrobe's foundation is crumbling. Some of my typical basics:

Leotards: I love to tuck shirts into my skirts. With regular knit tops this can sometimes pose several problems. You can a) stretch out the bottom of the shirt in an attempt to fit it into the skirt. b) have an awkward shirt line around your hips that is visible outside the skirt. or c) have major bunching of the shirt which obscures the line of your outfit and makes your waist look larger. My solution: leotards. Maybe it's the dance influence over the years but spandex is practically a cure-all. I love these:

I love this back! It's different and good if you want to be a little more sober. A complete point at the lower back is a more sensual alternative. Natalie 3/4 sleeve pinched front leotard - $26.95

I am really digging the square neckline. Possibly a side effect of my new found ove of the demi cup bra. It's a more delicate take on the traditional camisole. Capezio Classic Square Neck Camisole - $12.95 This one's just Polka Hot. American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Basic Bodysuit - $24

Tights: Since I gave up on pants, I pair my leos with my favorite winter staple: tights. Though a friend of mine is still bewildered by this. I like tights because they make my legs look like they're made of fabric. Now while you might shudder or raise an eyebrow briefly, hear me out. I think it gives a more touchable quality to an outfit. When your legs are made of fabric they do not decieve. If your lover decides to put his or her head in your lap or lean against your leg they will be quite comfortable. Also it adds whimsy where humanity gets a bit dull.

I was devestated when Express stopped selling stirrup tights. Then I remembered that Urban existed. Stirrups are great for flats or heels by the way. Sparkle & Fade Ballet Leggings - $28

StockinGirl has some really amazing pieces. They also have really cool nylons which I also adore. Colored Opaque Tights -$17.99

One last thing:

I am well aware that everyone and their mom has this skirt. I even have this skirt. I'm wearing it right now in a sort of neon green color. So why is it on my list? Because I need it in more colors. See, everyone has it because it's the skirt of the recession. It pays for itself. American Apparel Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt- $30


  1. I actually just began to write a post titled "back to basics" as well, inspired by, of course, Christina Aguilera's song =]. Lovely, lovely, picks! I adore anything ballerina inspired =]

    La C.

  2. Can I get that skirt? I do not have it,parce que when I saw it there was still snow. I think I'm ready now. :) Becca

  3. oh yay! I love that square back leotard and the polka-dotted cute :-)


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