Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Get Some Shoes...

I have never been a shoe person. I invest in clothes and shoes come and go with everything. Currently I have spent the last three months going from leather boots to rainboots and back. Once I wore peep toe wedges but I mostly relied on my leather boots and the rain boots when the weather allowed. Allthough in real life I tend to favor clothing over shoes here is my spring wishlist:

I love these so much! They are so sweet yet also sexy and smart. Now it sounds like I'm describing a person... Marc by Marc Lace Cutout Mid Heel Booties $550

I love Gladiators! They always remind me of Roman Holiday. I usually pair them with a circle skirt and button down, summer dress, or shorts and bathing suit. As you can probably guess, these will replace the boots. Ash Sari Flat Gladiator Boots- $285

I got my first pair of gold flats when I was 2. I haven't had a pair since. Gold flats were and will always be my favorite shoe. London Sole Pirouette $145

I will be away unitl Sunday. (College visit! First Choice School!) Wish me luck! When I come back there will be a nice long post to make up for my absence. In the mean time check out my new blog La Biologie!


  1. oohhh I love those first white pair. YUM

  2. Hi :)
    I also love gladiators, those Ash Sari Flat Gladiator Boots are very stylish!


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