Monday, March 23, 2009

Do it for the Uniform

Fun Fact: I am a cook/bake-aholic. Seriously, each year around Christmas (as in right after Halloween) I bake over a thousand cookies. No joke. One reason why this happens is that I get to wear all kinds of adorable cooking accouterments.

A good aproncan be an outfit in itself. If you host a dinner party wear a simple dress and an elaborate apron and you've got a killer outfit. Stokholm Floral Apron-$28

I have only burned myself once while cooking, and that was while using a frying pan. These will keep you safe and cute. Secret Recipe Oven Mitt - $12

For some reason the kitchen harkens to a lazy day in with friends and fashion experiments. Use this to experiment with pattern. Sweet Blossom Square Potholder -$8

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  1. My sister is a pastry chef. Your friends and family are so lucky!! And everyone loves a chef that wears a good apron...


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