Saturday, May 16, 2009

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn in Paris when it Sizzles

Paris When it Sizzles

Hat: Emilio Pucci-$415; Dress: Anna Sui-$520; Bag: Chloe-$1,895; Shoes: Valentino-$895

This is just one of the many looks Audrey Hepburn sported in 1964's Paris When it Sizzles. The movie stars the fantastic duo consisting of Hepburn and long time friend William Holden.  The film features a movie within a movie as director Richard Benson (Holden) tries to write a last minute screenplay while his secretary (Hepburn) types everything down offering suggestions along the way.  The imagined movie stars Hepburn as Gabby or "the girl who stole the Eiffel tower".  The plot of the fictitious film is kind of hard to follow however Hepburn does wear some interesting outfits.  I've modernized my favorite look from the beginning of the screenplay, when Hepburn goes to a cafe for Bastille day.  Hepburn's look here is classic with a bright twist.  It's summery and fun yet very ladylike.  


  1. Such a great choice. I'm glad you didn't pick Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love the way Ms. Hepburn always seemed to have a sense of humor about her fashion-stylish but playful at the same time.

  2. She always looks stunning !

    Those Valentino shoes are to die for!

    La C.

  3. I haven't seen this in years and years- but now I want to watch it as soon as I get home!

    And thank you for your comment! The chainsaw one is an altered version of the pic i posted here: I just thought it would be funnier if she had a chainsaw. It's one of my favorite quick doodles that I've done lately.
    I'm not sure where I found the original image though. It's been in my library for ages!

  4. Audrey is such an inspiration. Great post and collage! :)


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